Commission FAQ

Can you work from a photo or do you have to have the subject present?
For pet portraits I have only worked from photographs. It’s hard to get an animal to sit still! If you have a special request, contact me, and we can talk about it. For human portraiture, I am happy to paint from life. Please note that any travel fees are not included in the price list.

I am in a rush. How long does will it take to get my painting?
It takes 6 weeks, sometimes less, from the time you place your order to the time I ship. If you are in a rush, for $150 you can be moved up on the painting queue and your painting will be ready to ship in 3 weeks. (Shipping time/rush shipping charges not included.)

Does your price list include shipping?
No. Shipping varies piece by piece. The fee due upfront is half of the price found on the price list (scroll to the bottom of this page). The other half of the fee plus the shipping fee will be due upon painting completion.

Why do I need to pay half upfront?
This is standard practice for commissioned artwork. It ensures that you have a place in line with others who have paid, that you are serious about the commission, and in some cases, it allows me to purchase supplies I may not have that are specifically needed for your painting.

Is there any paperwork?
When you’re ready to order, I send you a brief document showing that: a) you are agreeing to pay a certain price, b) that I retain the rights to reproduction of the original artwork, c) that I can use the photos you provide how I choose, and d) any humans I’m painting are of legal age or, if not, that a parent or guardian has consented for the portrait.

Can I see the painting before you turn it over?
Sure thing! I can email you photographs of it to make sure you are satisfied before you pay the final amount and I give you the work.

I’ve already paid the deposit; when is the final amount due?

The final amount, that is the remainder of the total price of the painting plus any shipping that may be needed, is due when I turn over the painting to you. After you pay, I ship.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee or returns?

While this has never happened before, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with an original, commissioned painting after you have received it, I can reimburse you for half of the original, agreed upon price, as quoted on the price page (scroll down to the bottom of this page), up to 14 days after you receive it. This does not include shipping, either to you or upon return. In other words, you are refunded the amount of your initial deposit. This ensures that I am still compensated for some of my time, and you do not have to pay a large sum of money for a painting you do not wish to keep. (You cannot keep the painting and receive a refund; I will require you to return the painting. Please contact me within 14 days of receiving the painting before shipping it back and asking for a refund.)

Sounds good! Let’s get started! What next?

Call me at 7576480490 or email me at and I’ll send you a consent form and an invoice. The order is considered placed once I have 1. at least one high quality photo, 2. the returned consent form, and 3. the payment deposit (via check or paypal). Six weeks and some shipping time later, BAM! you’ve got an original custom painting. 🙂


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