About The Art

Hi! I’m Laura, and I attempt to capture how I view the world around me. Everything you see here is original work done by me, most of it in Abingdon, Virginia, where I live, or Williamsburg, Virginia, where I went to school. The following is how I would describe my artwork and myself as an artist. If you’re interested in the materials I use, go here.

My art is heavily influenced by realism, but I wouldn’t quite call it that.

My art is heavily influenced by these mountains here in Southwest Virginia where I grew up, but I wouldn’t call my art Appalachian folk art.

I love studying faces and painting the expressions of people and animals, really capturing how they are in the world, at least to me, but I wouldn’t call myself a portrait artist or pet portrait painter, at least not exclusively. I paint what I feel like, and what I feel is important, or interesting, and visually worth interpreting. And that usually happens to be living things that can make expressions and freely move.

I’m just an artist. I’ve been one my whole life. My work is heavily influenced by my mentors and teachers over the years, most notably William Barnes and Thelma Blake, and by my parents, who have always encouraged me to paint and create. It’s also influenced by my ADHD–an art professor, after looking at my paintings, said it looked like my focus wandered and I might have some of that attention deficit (so true)–and my uncanny knack for picking models who won’t sit still. I plan to continue to showcase my work here, online, and in Abingdon, VA, where I live and work. I have some pieces at a couple local businesses and my first show is coming up this fall! Keep looking, and I’ll keep posting.

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